Fido “Win Back” Offer: $60/5GB Plan with $99 iPhone X on Contract

You’ve heard about Rogers’ “win back” offer, and earlier today we posted about Telus’ offer too, and now we’re seeing Fido offer their own promo for former customers as well.

According to RFD user ‘RFDler’, Fido is offering a $60 Pulse Plan with 5GB of data, plus $300 credit (second month) towards an entry iPhone X, taking the price down to $99 up front, on a two-year term.

There’s also apparently another offer of $75 with 10GB of data, a similar Pulse Plan with unlimited nationwide calling.

Fido logo

If you’re a former Fido customer, you can try calling 1-855-343-6946 and leave a message you want to rejoin the company and take up their “win back” offers. Fido usually calls people back within 24 hours.

No other forum members have posted they have actually activated on this Fido “win back” offer, but given parent company Rogers is offering their own deal, it’s a safe bet their flanker brand is also trying to regain former customers. We’ll be sure to follow this and post updates when available.

Currently, the company has a 3GB data bonus offer on select plans as listed on their website.

Let us know if you’re successful in getting any Fido “win back” offers.