Mophie Unveils Redesigned Juice Packs for iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR with Lightning Port Access

Mophie has today unveiled a redesigned version of its icon battery case, the Juice Pack Access, that not only offers protection and wirelessly charges Apple’s latest smartphones, but also leaves the iPhone Lightning port exposed to allow users to plug in wired headphones.

The new Juice Pack Access battery cases are designed to deliver enough power to get iPhone users through their day and are compatible with the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.


“The Juice Pack Access battery case addresses a very specific customer pain point,” said Robert Johnson, general manager for Mophie. “For the first time, the Juice Pack Access leaves the iPhone Lightning port exposed to allow users to plug in wired headphones.”

According to Mophie’s press release, the Juice Pack Access for the iPhone X/XS provides up to 25 hours of total talk time, while the juice pack access for the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR provides up to 31 hours of total talk time.

Below are the main features of the new Juice Pack Access battery cases:

  • It allows customers to use the Lightning EarPods that come with the iPhone.
  • Priority+® charging will pass wireless and wired power to the iPhone first:The juice pack access is equipped with a built-in wireless receiver and transmitter and can conveniently charge the phone with any Qi-enabled wireless charger, including Mophie’s charge stream family of products.
  • The juice pack access features a built-in USB-C input for wired charging.
  • Users may also charge the iPhone via the Lightning input.
  • The juice pack access features a reduced height profile with dimensions more like a traditional case.

The Juice Pack Access will be available to purchase later this year for US $119.95 and will come in a variety of colours, including black, stone, gold, and dark red for the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS/X, and black, blue, and red for the iPhone XR.