Public Mobile to Launch Branded Retail Kiosks Across Canada This Spring

Telus acquired wireless startup Public Mobile back in the fall of 2013, and in February 2015 the prepaid company was re-launched with a new online-based business model, entirely based on self-serve options.

Public Mobile’s online self-serve model originally attracted tech-savvy customers, according to Telus. However, as the prepaid market expanded, Public Mobile teamed up with other retailers to further expand SIM card access to Canadians beyond online sales, at Walmart, London Drugs, WOW! Mobile and Koodo Authorized dealers.

Now, in yet another move to expand Public Mobile’s reach, the company will be launching 15 branded kiosks across Canada this year.

David MacLean, General Manager, Public Mobile and Prepaid, told iPhone in Canada in an interview, “we really believe this supports our ongoing efforts to make wireless convenient to Canadians.”

MacLean explained despite Public Mobile being an online self-serve model for activations, over 80% of activations are still happening within retail, which is why the company decided to launch its own branded kiosks, which will be supported by employees.

When asked about what future online self serve options may be coming, either in the form of an improved ticketing system for support or a more powerful Simon Chatbot, MacLean would only say they are going to “continue to make big investments into online support this year,” noting changes are coming “as early as March for online support” to bring improved, faster and easier support, either through 611 or the Community Forums.

Public Mobile said over 95% of questions asked by customers go through community members to answer.

Would features such as VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling debut for Public Mobile users, and eSIM support for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR customers? MacLean couldn’t comment directly on whether they would be coming.

Public Mobile stated the first four kiosk locations would appear in Galeries D’Anjou (Montreal, QC), Edmonton City Centre (Edmonton, AB), Marlborough Mall (Calgary, AB) and Richmond Centre (Richmond, BC).