Rogers, Fido Monthly Data Add-Ons Now Possible Once You Go Into Overages [u]

Rogers and Fido now let customers purchase a monthly add-on once their data is used up, which was not possible before. A new 5GB add-on for $45 is available for Rogers customers.

A monthly data add-on “offers you the flexibility to add more data anytime, without having to change your plan or term. It’s a great way to easily manage your changing data needs and also limit pay-per-use data overage charges.”

These monthly data add-ons appear on your bill and renew until you cancel them. They can be added and removed from your cellphone, by texting DATA or CANCEL to 222. Rogers explains this is a “great way to limit overage charges and manage your changing data.”

Both Rogers and Fido customers can add up to 10 data add-ons at any time, regardless of where they are at in their billing cycle.

As for monthly data add-ons, pricing is as follows (via MobileSyrup):

  • $10/300 MB
  • $20/1.5 GB
  • $30/3 GB
  • $45/5 GB (New; Rogers only)

Rogers and Fido explain for monthly data add-ons purchased after you’ve gone over your plan’s data bucket, you’ll get a text notification when 70% of your add-on is used up.

When customers reach the 90% and 100% data use threshold of their monthly data plan, they will receive text notifications from Rogers and Fido. The companies explain “when you receive these notifications, you may want to add a Monthly Data Add-on to avoid incurring pay-per-use overage charges.”

The CRTC Wireless Code of Conducts limits data overages to $50 per billing cycle, “unless the account holder or authorized user expressly consents to pay additional charges.”

These prices may seem like a ‘bargain’ compared to the $10/100MB data overage rate currently in place from Rogers and Fido on monthly plans. It’s interesting that these will be auto-renewing unless you cancel (they remain even if you change your plan mid-cycle).

Update: Rogers reached out to say “We had the data add-ons before, but customers weren’t able to add them after going into overage – they had to add them beforehand before.” Also new is the 5GB option for Rogers customers. This article has been updated to reflect this change.