Saanich Police Warn Drivers of Distracted Driving Campaign for Month of March

Saanich police leave phone alone

If you’re in the Greater Victoria area on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, chances are you’ll be passing through the District of Saanich on your commute. For distracted drivers, Saanich Police are warning them they’ll be on the lookout for the month of March.

The police department recently tweeted, “Distracted Drivers Beware! Throughout the month of March, police everywhere will be looking for anyone who puts their electronic device ahead of everyone’s safety.”

The provincial government says “research indicates that drivers fail to process approximately 50 per cent of the visual information in their driving environment when they are using electronic communication devices.”

The Saanich Police go on to say “Starting at $368, that LOL text will become the most expensive text you’ll ever get. #yyj”

In B.C., a single distracted driving violation ticket is $368, plus 4 penalty points applied to your driving record. Your first infraction means these points turn into a $175 ICBC Driver Penalty Point premium, making for a total of $543, for your initial distracted driving ticket.

Recently, a sign appeared on the grassy median targeting southbound drivers along the Patricia Bay Highway, noting “leave the phone alone.”