Koodo Offering Up to $199 Bill Credit Towards iPhone Upgrades for Select Customers

Koodo bill credits $199

Koodo is offering select customers up to $199 in bill credits towards phone upgrades, which includes some Apple iPhone models.

Customers logging into Koodo Self Serve online are seeing a “special offer” on their account, detailing up to $199 in bill credits on select smartphones on two-year contracts, according to users on RFD.

Here’s what’s available for iPhones:

  • iPhone 8: $199 bill credit
  • iPhone XR: $199 bill credit
  • iPhone X: $199 bill credit
  • iPhone 7: $150 bill credit

The iPhones listed above will be priced accordingly depending on which Tab you sign up for. The iPhone XR is available for $350 upfront on a Medium Tab on contract (24 x $15 = $360), which starts at $50 per month with 4GB data. That means you’re paying $710 for your iPhone XR, which is saving you $319 versus buying from Apple.ca.

This is essentially a YMMV (your mileage may vary) offer which may depend on your account. If you’re looking to sign on the dotted line for a phone upgrade, these credits may be worth considering if the math makes sense on your account.