Koodo Texting Promo Codes for $60/10GB Plan to Share with Friends and Family

Telus flanker brand Koodo Mobile has started to text some customers this afternoon with two unique validation codes for the coveted 2017 $60/10GB BYOD holiday plan.

According to the text message, sent out to existing customers with the $60/10GB plan, it is accompanied by an image that says “Pssst, pass it on. 10 gigs for $60.”

The text of the message reads:

“Koodo: Hey DAVID! Hope you’re happy with the amazing $60 10GB deal you scored. All good things are worth sharing, so why not gift the same great plan to your two favourite people? Just give them the promo code: HAPPY and one of the two unique validation codes: ______. Each validation code unlocks the 10GB for $60/month plan, and is good for one use only. Use in-store or online at Koodo.com/switch – This deal ends May 31, 2019.”

This plan is considered rare at $60/10GB BYOD, since other carriers such as Rogers/Fido and Bell/Virgin recently increased the price to $65/10GB, while Koodo parent company Telus increased it to $70/10GB. Koodo so far has not increased the price of the $60/10GB plan.

Let us know if you received this text message from Koodo and if you’re going to share your unique promo codes.

[via RFD]