Password Manager RememBear Can Now Store Your 2FA Codes

Remembear 2FA support

Password manager RememBear has announced its applications on iOS, macOS and Windows now support the ability to store one-time 2FA codes:

 Two-factor authentication brings an extra layer of security to your account logins. Typically, they’re fast-changing six-digit numbers you copy from another app like Google Authenticator.

Starting today, in addition to emails and passwords, RememBear now stores your 2FA codes, bringing all your login details together in one convenient place. That’s one smart Bear.

This means you can now store your 2FA codes within RememBear instead of using a second 2FA app such as Authy or Google Authenticator, saving you time when you’re logging into apps and websites requiring one-time use 2FA codes.

This feature launched for 1Password back in December 2017.

RememBear offers a premium version of the app which syncs your passwords and items across all your devices for $3 USD per month, the same price as 1Password, while LastPass charges $4 CAD per month.

You can learn how to set up RememBear with 2FA codes here.