Koodo Texting Customers with Promo $9/3GB or $13/9GB Data Add-On

Koodo 3GB $9 add on

Image via RFD

You may want to check your text messages because Telus flanker brand Koodo Mobile is sending out some promotional data add-ons.

The text message reads:

Hey, get ready to feast on this sweet data offer. Add 3GB of data to your current plan for an extra $9/month, or 9GB of data for an additional $13/month. That means more: streaming, messaging and tracking your food on your food App and less worrying about cutting it close to your current data limit. Reply ADD to get our 3GB promo or reply DATA for our 9GB promo. Offer ends May 10, 2019.

If you’re eligible, you can pay $9 for 3GB or $13 for 9GB of data to add onto your existing plan. The 3GB option works out to $3 per gigabyte, while the 9GB option works out to $1.44 per gigabyte.

If you’re frequently going over your data limit, this is a decent offer, versus paying for expensive overages.

For Koodo, offering these one-time promotional add-ons can help the company increase customer monthly bills, to drive up average monthly revenue per user metrics, which are important figures for investors.

[via RFD]