Apple to Upgrade First 4 iOS Apps for Mac in Public Beta of macOS 10.15

News, Voice Memos, Home, and Stock were the first four iOS apps Apple converted from iOS to macOS and included them in last year’s MacOS Mojave.

Since the apps in their current state do not take advantage of Mac’s extra capabilities, Apple will be upgrading them in macOS Catalina based on the new technology in Project Catalyst (via CNET).


In an interview with the publication, Apple software chief Craig Federighi revealed that News, Voice Memos, Home, and Stock apps for Mac will get significant updates based on the latest technology, as well as completely new designs.

“They’re getting improvements,” Federighi said. “The underlying technology has matured…Some of that is super low-level stuff. Some people have dissected those apps and realized that they were sort of two halves: an AppKit half and a UIKit half, literally running in different processes. That’s all unified now. This has become much more of a native Mac framework…So automatically, the apps we built last year are upgraded.”

The upgraded apps will reportedly show up in the public beta of macOS 10.15 Catalina “Wait for the public beta. We’re still tuning everything up. That’s where it gets really good,” Federighi said during the interview.

The MacOS Catalina public beta is expected to arrive next month.