Halifax Developer of Apollo Reddit App to Donate July 20th Proceeds to SPCA

Apollo reddit

Halifax developer, Christian Selig, is the developer behind the popular iOS Reddit app, Apollo. Tomorrow is Selig’s birthday and he again plans to donate his proceeds from Apollo on July 20, 2019, towards the Nova Scotia SPCA, he informs iPhone in Canada.

Last year, Selig launched a campaign on Reddit to raise money for his local SPCA animal shelter because they were low on supplies. The campaign on Reddit ended up raising over $5,000 CAD, and this year, on his birthday, he plans to do it again.

Selig says this time of the year is when it’s “most stressful on the shelters” and says any in-app purchases from Apollo will go towards the SPCA.

Click here to download Apollo for Reddit in the App Store. Any in-app purchases you make on Saturday, July 20, 2019, will go towards the Nova Scotia SPCA.