Samsung Axes the Headphone Jack, Then Deletes Ads Mocking Apple for Doing the Same

Samsung ad growing up

When Apple released the iPhone 7 in 2016 without a headphone jack, Samsung jumped on the opportunity to mock Apple for doing so in various ads.

Yesterday, Samsung announced new Galaxy Note 10/10+ flagship smartphones, which also saw the headphone jack removed.

Now, Samsung has started deleting its old ads mocking Apple for removing the headphone jack (and life with a dongle adapter), after the South Korean company has now done the same.

Business Insider noted how one of Samsung’s most viewed ads, titled ‘Growing Up’, mocked Apple for the lack of headphone jack on the iPhone, has since been removed from the company’s USA YouTube channel. Other subsequent ads mocking the iPhone for lacking a headphone jack were also removed from Samsung YouTube channels.

While the videos are no longer available on Samsung USA’s main YouTube channel, the Samsung Malaysia channel still has the ‘Growing Up’ ad available.

YouTube video

What do you think about Samsung’s decision to delete their old ads? Hypocritical much?

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