4-Day Telus.net Email Outage Blamed on ‘Flawed Repair’ with Dell EMC

Telus net email outage

For Telus customers using the company’s Telus.net email service, it’s been a pretty bad four days, as an outage starting last Thursday caused users to lose access to their emails.

Despite Telus noting “more than 90% of customers” were able to access their emails one day after the outage, many still were unable to get their email. The outage resulted in a video apology from the company’s chief customer officer.

Now, Telus has explained what specifically caused the email outage, in an update to customers.

“This issue occurred during an overnight update to our servers in the early hours of Thursday, August 15, in partnership with our vendor Dell EMC, when a flawed repair procedure took the TELUS.net email system offline,” explains the company.

Telus says it has since enabled its webmail service to all customers, allowing them to access email via the web.

Telus webmail

“As a technology company with a rich history in providing excellent customer service, we feel sick about this disruption and are doing everything we can to restore service as quickly as possible,” added the company.

“Work is now underway to smoothly integrate the old and new email addresses. Once this work is complete and the data is recovered, old messages will be restored to the mailbox and full access will be available,” says Telus

While webmail access was enabled for customers, some still were unable to log in or see their old emails, which are slowly being recovered.

Many Telus customers were angry at the situation and voiced their concerns on Twitter. Many businesses and travellers are being affected by the email SNAFU.

Are you affected by this Telus.net email outage? Using an email service from Gmail, for example, would provide better uptime for your data, while also let you retain your email if you ever switch Internet service providers.