Apple TV+ Pricing in Canada Likely Between $10 to $13 with November Launch

Apple tv+ logo

Apple TV+ is the iPhone maker’s upcoming streaming video service full of original TV shows and movies, expected to be announced this fall.

Ahead of the launch, Bloomberg reports Apple TV+ is being planned to debut in November with a free trial of a small number of shows at launch, to allow Apple to build up its library of content.

According to unnamed sources, Apple is looking at “offering the first three episodes of some programs, followed by weekly installments,” reports Bloomberg, on the company’s content release strategy. Netflix, in comparison, releases entire seasons all at once, to allow for binge-watching.

As for Apple TV+ pricing? Sources say Apple is considering $9.99 USD per month for Apple TV+:

Apple hasn’t announced pricing for Apple TV+, but is weighing $9.99 a month, the people said, which would match Apple Music and Apple News+.

This makes it trickier to guess how much Apple TV+ will cost in Canada, since Apple Music and Apple News+ pricing is different here. Most likely Apple TV+ will be in the range of $9.99 CAD to $13 CAD.

Apple Music costs $9.99 CAD per month in Canada for a single subscription, while Apple News+ costs $12.99 CAD monthly. Converting $9.99 USD to Canadian works out to about $13.30 CAD based on current exchanges rates, but Apple could round down to $12.99 CAD to match Apple News+ for uniform pricing?

Netflix in Canada starts at $9.99 CAD per month, while Disney+ is coming with a $8.99 CAD per month price in Canada, on November 12. Apple TV+ pricing of $9.99 CAD would put Apple’s pricing closer with competitors.

Apple is spending big time on video though, with unnamed sources informing Bloomberg the first two seasons alone of “The Morning Show”, already cost around $300 million USD.

The first shows on Apple TV+ are said to include “The Morning Show”; “Amazing Stories” by Steven Spielberg; “See” starring Jason Momoa; “Truth Be Told” with Octavia Spencer; and documentary series called “Home”.

Yesterday, we already saw Apple Arcade pricing leak at $4.99 USD per month, or what will most likely come in at $6.99 in Canada.

Higher Apple TV+ monthly pricing compared to Netflix and upcoming Disney+ may be a tough sell for Canadians, especially when the library will be limited at launch. What do you think Apple will charge for Apple TV+ in Canada?

Final pricing for Apple TV+ will most likely be revealed in September, at Apple’s yet to be announced but highly expected iPhone event.