Telus Email Outage Reaches Day 6 for Some Customers, Credits Being Offered [u]

Last Thursday, email went down for its customers, but the following day, the company said service was restored for 90% of customers. But for the remaining 10%, access to email has been limited to webmail.

The most recent updated shared by the company on August 20, says, “TELUS continues to work tirelessly to restore email data for the customers without fully functional accounts. While 90 per cent of customer accounts have been restored and are fully functional, we are focused on the remaining 10 per cent of accounts that still need to be fully restored.”

Telus previously said the email outage was caused by a “flawed repair” with vendor Dell EMC. The company set up its webmail service for all customers as a way to reach their inboxes.

The company says they have “tripled our resources by bringing in industry-leading data recovery experts” to bring back old customer email through data recovery and data restoration. Once old email data is recovered, full access via smartphone and desktop apps will return.

What’s taking so long? Telus says “At this point, we are not satisfied with our test cases, and therefore have not begun restoring accounts.”

Telus says they will continue to update their recovery timeline at 5PM PT daily until this email issue is fixed.

In the meantime, Telus customers have said the company is offering $20 bill credits to compensate users for the outage. But the bill credits aren’t helpful for those without email access hitting day six.

Update August 22: Telus clarified $20 credits are not across the board, but bill credits are based on services customers have with the company. Also, remaining customers still have access to email but via webmail only for now.

Are you still dealing with email issues?


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