YouTube Kids for iOS Gains ‘Preschool’ Mode for Ages 4 and Under

Youtube kids preschool

YouTube Kids for iOS has received an update to debut a new mode called “Preschool”, which the company says is “designed for kids 4 and under. “Preschool” mode features videos that promote creativity, playfulness, learning, and exploration.”

The content experience joins modes for Younger (ages 5-7), Older (ages 8-12) and the option to approve content yourself.

Youtube kids preschool 2

Google-owned YouTube explains, “Our systems work hard to exclude content not suitable for kids in preschool, but not all videos have been manually reviewed. If you find something inappropriate that we missed, you can flag it for fast review.”

Last week, YouTube Kids debuted on the web, which also introduced the new Preschool category for the first time. Preschool mode also limits search results for kids 4 and under.

Kids nowadays don’t watch cable TV—it’s all about YouTube. And yes, the preschool mode did show results for Ryan’s Toy Review…

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