iPhone 11 Pro Camera Reviewed by Pro Photographer on Trip to China

Iphone11procamera china

Image via Austin Mann; Ultra Wide Lens

Apple gave professional photographer, Austin Mann, the iPhone 11 Pro early and let him use it on a trip to China. Mann has shared his review of the new iPhone 11 Pro camera, praising the new ultra wide angle lens, plus Night mode.

Here are some of his conclusions:

In short, if you are a serious photographer, get a Pro. Think of the extra cost as buying an extra lens — it’s worth it.


No matter what iPhone you are using now, if you are serious about shooting photos with your iPhone, this is a year to upgrade. Apple had some serious catching up to do and as a result, this year has brought a tremendous leap in camera capability. Night mode and the Ultra Wide lens will change how we tell stories and express ourselves as artists using our iPhones. Now is a really good time to jump in.

IMG 4747

Image via Austin Mann; Night mode

Over at Outdoor Photographer, Mann also talks about the iPhone 11 Pro camera, while sharing a panorama taken with the ultra wide angle:

Mann iphone11pro pano

Last year, Mann reviewed the iPhone XS camera in Zanzibar and the iPhone XR in Grand Canyon. For the iPhone X, he took the phone down to Guatemala.

Yesterday, the first iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro reviews were published by media outlets chosen by Apple, and provided with test units.

Apple launches its iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max on September 20 in Canada.