Smaller Circuitry Could Mean Bigger Batteries in 2020 iPhones: REPORT

Apple may be able to include more powerful batteries in their next flagship phone ranges thanks to recent manufacturing innovations.

According to a new report from MacRumors, Apple is going to use a new 50 percent smaller battery protection module — saving space inside the phone — which could lead to bigger batteries without increasing the size of the handset. The innovation has supposedly come from Korean company ITM Semiconductor and will make it into both Apple’s and Samsung’s phones next year.

The battery protection circuit helps the power source manage both charging and discharging to ensure it does so at safe rates. ITM Semidoncuctor apparently pairs the circuit with a MOSFET and PCB, reducing the space required for the whole package.

This leaves a large amount of extra space, which could potentially be used to increase battery size. While the iPhone 11 Pro Max is no slouch in the battery life department, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro deliver good, not exceptional battery life. A higher-capacity battery, thanks to the PMP shrinkage could mean that 2020 iPhone users get more hours of gameplay, media, and chat from their iPhone.

Larger battery size is far from certain, however. A report by Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that the addition of 5G may require 2020 iPhones to feature larger circuit boards. The extra space from the PMP module shrinkage could just be to accommodate 5G connectivity.

Currently, we’re expecting four iPhone 12 devices, and there may also be a more affordable handset launched alongside these, without the iPhone 12 moniker.