Check Out the Internet’s Biggest Apple Press Imagery Archive

Put together by Sam Gold, The (Unofficial) Apple Archive is the biggest Apple press imagery archive available on the internet (via 512Pixels).

Sam, who has certainly done an amazing job putting this together, believes the collection will inspire the next generation of designers, developers, and Apple fans by preserving the company’s legacy of creativity.


The collection spans over 15,000 files and just under 1TB of data. PDFs, print ads, WWDC sessions, obscure clips from the ‘80s, and an unabridged collection of macOS and iOS wallpapers are among the additions still on the way.

Dedicated to the unsung studio designers, copywriters, producers, ADs, CDs, and everyone else who creates wonderful things.

Dedicated to those who stayed up late and got up early to get on the family iMac to recreate event slides in Keynote.

Thank you.

You can browse the ultimate Apple Archive by visiting this link.