Sketchy Rumour Claims Tesla Model Y Deliveries Coming to Canada in February

Typically, when Tesla launches a new electric vehicle, employees get first dibs, followed by those in California, with high-end models starting first. But the latest rumour claims the upcoming Model Y may begin deliveries to Canada starting in February.

The rumour started on Reddit, with one user ‘Quaf4′ citing how the Tesla Oakville location called and said Performance Model Y configurations would start deliveries in February:

Model Y customer deliveries confirmed for next month!!

I just received a phone call from an employee at Tesla Oakville, ON who was calling to guide me through the upcoming delivery process for my Model Y.

I asked when to expect delivery and he told me that the Performance variant will start deliveries next month, and that I could expect my LR AWD in March/April.

Another user ‘pedrore’ on Reddit corroborated these claims that calls were made from Tesla Oakville:

I got a voicemail around 6pm tonight from Tesla Oakville. He congratulated me on my Model Y purchase (LR RWD ordered 2019-Aug) and invited me to call him if I had any questions. He said they had Model S and X to test drive and if I was interested in the Model 3 they should be getting inventory early February.

I’m going to call and chat with him tomorrow to dig into this further, but to me it seems my preorder has just been assigned to Tesla Oakville team (I live in Guelph) and there’s no delivery info regarding MY at this point.

However, this user followed up with Tesla Oakville, with the latter splashing cold water on the rumour of deliveries starting next month (emphasis ours):

Update: called contact back, asked him a few questions. He said lots of rumours are flying around right now but they have no information about Model Y deliveries at this point. He was reaching out to see if I had any questions and to offer Model S/X test drive if interested or talk about Model 3 (mostly a sales lead call in that respect).

From this, I don’t see any confirmation of Model Y deliveries next month but will be tuning in to the earnings call next week.

Numerous Model Y sightings have been seen across the United States in all types of weather, as Tesla appears to be testing its latest compact SUV in the wild. Deliveries are rumoured to take place this year, but to have them start with Canada first in February, seems highly unlikely, as expected.