Virgin Mobile Price Increase: Some Prepaid Pay-Per-Use Rates Have Tripled

Virgin prepaid rates increase

Virgin Mobile has announced on its website its prepaid pay-per-use rates are going up in price, with some more than doubling (and tripling) in price.

“We want to let you know about a change to your wireless prepaid account,” says Virgin Mobile.

“The pay-per-use rates for local minutes, long distance and text messages will be changing. Please ensure you have enough funds to cover your monthly charges,” reads the website.

“Below is a chart outlining your current rates and the new rates starting March 19, 2020,” says Virgin. Below are the new rates and old rates in brackets:

  • Local calls: $0.60/min (was $0.30/min; up 100%)
  • Canada to Canada/USA Long Distance: $0.60/min (was $0.30/min; up 100%)
  • Canada to Canada/USA text message: $0.60/text (was $0.20/text; up 200%)
  • Canada to International text message: $0.60/text (was $0.35/text; up 71%)

Virgin prepaid rates increase 2

Again, these are pay-per-use rates, so if you are a prepaid customer on a plan without any of these included, you’re going to be paying a lot more.

Increasing pay-per-use rates may be a way to corral users into monthly postpaid plans, where the majority of the time minutes and texts are included.

[via MobileSyrup]