Rogers Promo Offers $75/20GB Plan with Unlimited Data

Rogers infinite $75 20gb

Earlier today, Telus launched yet another promo on its 20GB Peace of Mind plan, offering it for $75, saving customers $20 off the regular price of $95.

At the time, Rogers and Bell had not matched the promo, but that has changed. Rogers let us know they are now offering a $75/20GB Infinite plan, which is discounted by $20 off and similarly expiring on February 3, 2020.

Rogers Infinite plans offer no overage charges, but once initial data limits are exceeded, speeds are throttled to 512 Kbps.

The promo $75/20GB plan is available for new activations and bring your own device (BYOD) and includes shareable data, unlimited nationwide calling and unlimited SMS/MMS.

The Rogers add a line is now starting at $65/month, which offers savings of $10 off per month and this line would share your 20GB max speed data.

As of writing, Bell has not matched Rogers and Telus, but we have a hunch they might shortly later today or tomorrow.