Telus ‘Winback’ Offer: $60/20GB Unlimited Data Plan; Koodo Offers $65/20 In-Store

The latest Telus ‘winback’ offer appears to be one of the company’s Peace of Mind unlimited data plans, priced at $60 per month with 20GB of data (throttled to 512 Kbps once the initial bucket runs out).

Wireless carriers usually offer exclusive plans to former customers, in an attempt to bring them back. According to RFD, this latest offer is at $60/20GB and is for bring your own device (BYOD), available for month-to-month. It includes unlimited calls and texts, voicemail and the usual extras.

Some other RFD members were able to get this plan at the Wow! booth inside Vaughan Mills Mall for Koodo, at $60/20GB for two lines (instead of $65/20GB).

Telus’ Peace of Mind plan for 20GB is normally priced at $95 per month, so this ‘winback’ pricing saves $35 per month (although for this weekend 20GB is available for $85).