CRTC Survey: 66% of Canadians Say Our Cellphone Prices are the Worst in the World

Crtc public hearing wireless

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has kicked off its public hearing of the mobile wireless services review, and in the opening remarks, the Commission has shared some details on its recent wireless survey.

What is the purpose of the mobile wireless services review? According to Ian Scott, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer in his opening remarks, “our objective is to ensure that the regulatory framework enables sustainable competition that provides better prices and innovative services for Canadians, as well as continued investments in high-quality networks across Canada.”

Competition may come in the form of mandated access for mobile virtual network operators (MNVOs), or smaller companies able to resell access to wireless networks from incumbents such as Rogers, Telus and Bell (which they oppose).

CRTC Survey Reveals What Canadians Think About Wireless Prices

The CRTC collected comments on the public record but also launched an online survey regarding wireless services, which saw over 28,000 people participate in, to go with 1,200 from a telephone survey.

According to the CRTC, “most Canadians who responded to the survey are satisfied with their cellphone provider and are not likely to switch providers.”

However, the “vast majority” of Canadians responded wireless prices in Canada were not as competitive here, compared to other countries. The survey results also saw “66% stating that Canada’s cellphone prices are worse than elsewhere in the world.” No big surprise here.

The public hearing will also examine “the state of competition in the mobile wireless market and whether further action is needed to improve choice and affordability,” along with whether or not regulatory measures will be required for the deployment of 5G networks in Canada, to go with considering MNVOs.