Uber Launches New ‘On-Trip Reporting’ Safety Feature in Canada

Uber has today announced the launch of a new safety feature in Canada called ‘On-Trip Reporting’ that allows riders to report a non-emergency safety issue in real-time. “We are constantly pushing to do more on safety,” notes the ride sharing company in an official blog post.


Starting today, Uber riders will see a “report safety incident” option in their Safety Toolkit, which can be accessed by tapping the blue shield icon. Once they tap this feature, they will be able to report a non-emergency safety issue while still on the trip. Uber’s safety team will then follow up on the report right after the trip.

For emergency situations, however, Uber suggests riders and drivers should contact 911 which users can access on the same screen through the Safety Toolkit.

“Research shows that riders may not consistently report experiences that make them feel uncomfortable due in part to being distracted after the trip. When you are meeting friends for dinner, going right into a business meeting or coming home to family, reporting something like harsh braking or inappropriate remarks may not be top of mind.”

You can download the latest version of Uber’s iOS app at this link.