First Tesla Model Y Delivery Confirmation Emails Sent Out to U.S. Customers

Tesla is set to deliver its first Model Y compact SUVs to Canadians in “mid 2020” as announced last month, while those in the United States were told the first orders would deliver in March.

As expected, Tesla has held true to its word, as the first Model Y delivery confirmation emails have been sent out to early U.S. customers.Tesla model y delivery

Tesla Model Y customer Howard Feinstein (he ordered a Performance model two weeks ago on February 7, 2020) shared a screenshot of his email from Tesla an hour ago on Facebook, which reads:

Congratulations! Your Model Y is ready for delivery in March 2020.

The next step is for you to confirm when you’re able to take delivery so we can ensure the best possible experience.

Once you confirm your availability, we’ll send you an update in the coming days to notify you when you can log into your Tesla Account and complete any remaining steps such as financing or trade-in. Your Tesla Advisor will be available to answer any additional questions you may have.

Feinstein adds he also has a Tesla Cybertruck on order as well. Tesla usually delivers the most expensive configurations to customers first, which would be the AWD Performance model.

Another U.S. customer, Stephen Shamakian, shared on Facebook, “Just got mine also!!! I ordered [an] hour after they announced it! Located in CT. Fully loaded Performance Model.”

Canadian Tesla Model Y customers should keep an eye out on their email inboxes as we approach the middle of the year. The Model Y AWD Performance configuration starts at $84,390 CAD, while the AWD Long Range starts at $72,390 CAD. Both have a listed range of 507 km.