Massive Tesla Model Y Picture Gallery Reveals Interior, Trunk and More [PICS]

Model y driver

Update March 13, 2020: Here are the first Model Y images shared by new owners.

Reddit user ‘eweaver1983’ has shared a huge Tesla Model Y picture gallery, showcasing the best look at Tesla’s compact SUV shipping out this week to the first U.S. customers.

The picture gallery contains over 20 images, sharing shots never seen before of the Model Y’s fully open trunk, storage under the trunk, front trunk (‘frunk’), folded back seats, rear seat legroom and more. The Model Y configuration is a Performance version with 21-inch Uberturbine wheels.

Looking at a clear picture of the rear trunk/hatch open, it’s clear there’s lots of storage space in the Model Y:

Model y trunk

Underneath the main trunk, there’s two extra storage compartments—one at the end of the trunk and another at the front. Below is the storage underneath the trunk:

Model y rear trunk under

…and this is a second storage area underneath the trunk just behind the second-row seats, which is shallower:

Model y rear trunk under 2

Here is a view of the front trunk (“frunk”):

Model y frunk

Here’s a side view of the Tesla Model Y with all four doors open and the trunk:

Model y side

A view of the legroom in the rear seats:

Model y back seats

According to ‘eweaver1983’ (he’s 5 feet 9 inches tall), there are mechanical motors for the second row to fold down the seats. He says, “You press a button and they pop down. Not in a mechanical slow way like adjusting a powered seat but cool nonetheless.”

As for front legroom compared to the Model 3, he says “leg room was great. I’m not tall but felt better than a 3 to me. I love the seating position compared to the 3.” He adds you can slide into the Model Y instead of slouching into the Model 3.

Check out the full gallery below:

Model Y Pics

The first Canadian Tesla Model Y deliveries are pegged for “mid-2020”, with most orders at the “prepare for delivery” stage. Earlier today, a video was posted showing the exterior of a Model Y charging in Toronto.