First Look: Tesla Model Y Owners Show Off Pictures of ‘Huge’ Trunk, Exterior and More

Tesla model y showroom

Tesla Model Y; picture by ‘SilverSmith’

Tesla has successfully delivered its first Model Y compact SUVs in the United States, with numerous owners sharing pictures of their new electric vehicles online.

We’ve already seen a huge unofficial picture gallery of the Model Y yesterday, but clearer images have emerged from an actual owner who took delivery today. TMC forum member, ‘SilverSmith’, based in Utah, showed off pictures of his Model Y this afternoon, showing us new details never seen before.

For starters, here’s the Model 3 pictured next to a new Model Y. You can see just how much taller the Model Y is:

Model 3 vs model y

As for the trunk, the picture below shows how big it is, with ‘SilverSmith’ saying the “trunk is huge!”:

Tesla model y trunk

As for storage underneath the main trunk, the following picture shows clearly just how much more room is available, after removing a two-piece cover:

Tesla model y trunk underneath

The two buttons on the left side of the trunk? They are for lowering the back seats; there’s also side cubbies for extra storage in the trunk:

Model y trunk side buttons

As for the trunk/hatch, we know it’s powered and here is a clear image of the button and its location:

Tesla model y trunk buttons

This is probably one of the clearest pictures we’ve seen of new 21-inch Uberturbine wheels, available for Model Y AWD Performance models:

Uberturbine wheels

As for other features, ‘SilverSmith says it “does have wireless phone charge pads, no rear shelf.”

When it comes to rear seat legroom, the new Model Y owner stated, “I am 6’4″ and fit very well in the back seat. Rear door trim has a bigger gap than I thought it should, but it is even on both sides.”

As for the rear seats, the new Tesla Model Y owner confirms there are two recline levels, while the front ports have one USB-C and one USB-A.

Tesla Model Y deliveries were slated for March 15-30, but looks like some lucky owners got theirs earlier than expected. As for Canadians, their Model Y orders are expected for “mid-2020”, with most currently at the “prepare for delivery” stage.

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