Bell Debuts Self-Installation Program, Reduces Call Centre Hours During COVID-19

Bell provided a couple ofCOVID-19 updates yesterday, noting it has launched a self-installation and repair program for customers, while its call centre hours have been reduced.

“We take protecting the health and safety of our team members and customers very seriously. We are introducing our Assisted Self-Installation and Repair program. Where possible, our technicians will perform service installations and repairs entirely from outside the home,” explains Bell.

The company says if work inside your home is required, the company will drop off equipment in boxes at your front door, then guide customers over the phone or video chat. Rogers and Telus have implemented a similar program, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Only when needed will technicians come into the house. Our technicians and customers will then be asked to practice proper sanitation and social distancing measures,” says Bell.

Call Centres See Reduced Hours Due to COVID-19

While Bell offers 24/7 technical assistance, the company says “for all other inquiries, we will be modifying our operating hours to allow our hardworking agents the necessary time to rest and adjust to the situation.”

Bell says it is allowing more of its call centre agents to work from home, “to ensure they remain safe and healthy while continuing to provide the essential communications services our customers rely on.”

Customers are encouraged to use self-serve tools “as much as possible as they are the fastest and most convenient way to manage practically all aspects of your services at any time you choose.”