Apple Accidentally Confirms AirTags Exist in Support Video

Apple airtags

A recently uploaded—and now since deleted—video to the Apple Support YouTube channel has accidentally revealed the existence of AirTags, marking the first time Apple has confirmed the Tile-like tracker is real.

As spotted by Appleosophy, the video named ‘How to erase your iPhone’ shows a mention of AirTags within iOS settings.

When the tutorial heads to Settings > Name > Find My to instruct users to disable Find my iPhone, that section has a toggle for ‘Enable Offline Finding’. It is here where Apple accidentally included a screenshot of the following text in the description of ‘Enable Offline Finding’:

Offline finding enables this device and AirTags to be found when not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

Oops. Looks like somebody at Apple made a boo-boo.

Evidence of AirTags has been spotted numerous times within iOS betas, but this is the first time Apple has officially confirmed they exist. AirTags are rumoured to debut sometime this year and will allow Apple users to track items with an AirTag, using the Find My app.