Citizens Can’t Be Forced to Use Apple and Google COVID-19 Tracking Tech

Last week, Apple and Google announced a joint effort to release an upcoming COVID-19 tracing tool for iPhone and Android users. On Monday, both companies reiterated the new technology in a press briefing.

According to CNBC, both Apple and Google again clarified the new tracing tool for COVID-19 cannot be forced upon citizens by governments. The tool will be opt-in only, for those seeking to help track and mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

Below is a graphic on how the new tracing apps for COVID-19 will work:

The tracing tool will utilize Bluetooth technology and enable governments to know who was within the range of 10-15 feet of someone that later tested positive for COVID-19, spanning a period of three weeks or so. Identities would be tracked with anonymous scrambled codes, which are only revealed when a test is positive and accessed only by health authorities.

Apple told CNBC users who opt-in can stop participating at any time, tell the apps to stop tracing them and also delete them. Both companies said the system can be easily shut down when the COVID-19 pandemic slows down.