Leaker ‘100% Confident’ Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro, Xcode Coming to iPad Pro

Final cut pro x mac

Jon Prosser (founder of YouTube channel FrontPageTech) has been correct in nailing Apple’s product timelines and other announcements recently, and now he says the company’s pro apps are coming to the iPad Pro.

“I am now 100% confident that FCPX, Logic Pro & Xcode are coming to iPad Pro,” said Prosser this morning. “I cannot confidently say to what capacity, or with what limitations due to RAM management — but it’s happening within the next year or so,” he adds.

The new information doubles down on what he said two days earlier that Final Cut was coming to iPad. He said at the time, “I’m not gonna say that Final Cut is coming to iPad…ut XCode is present on iOS / iPad OS 14. The implications there are HUGE. Opens the door for “Pro” applications to come to iPad. I mentioned this last week on a live stream, but figured it was worth the tweet.”

Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro this year was basically a slightly refreshed version of the 2018 model with a LiDAR sensor on the back. The company is planning an all-new iPad Pro for this year but rumoured to be delayed into 2021.

“You can choose to trust me on that, or not, I suppose,” concluded Prosser, regarding pro apps coming to the iPad Pro.

Final Cut Pro X costs $399 CAD and Logic Pro at $279 CAD for macOS users. How much will iOS versions cost? We don’t know, but it would make sense for existing users to get iPadOS versions for free, versus paying again.