iPhone SE Survives Durability Test: ‘Reasonably… Reasonable’

JerryRigEverything has posted a durability test of the iPhone SE, Apple’s new entry-level iPhone.

The display scratched at “level 6,” which means that “the screen is resistant to scratches.” The phone’s ear speaker scratched quite easily, while the iPhone SE’s home button was completely resistant to razor blade scratches.

The screen still has its plastic “buffer layer” between the glass display and the phone’s metal chassis, which is “good news for durability and easier screen replacements.” The aluminum chassis itself scratched quite easily with a razor blade.

YouTube video

As far as the camera goes, the narrator claims that sapphire generally begins to scratch at level 8 or 9, while, in this case, the iPhone SE’s sapphire camera lens starts to damage at level 6. As such, he believes that Apple should stop calling the lens sapphire, saying that “it’s just crazy.”

The iPhone SE screen lasted about 16 seconds when the narrator subjected it to a flame, after which the pixels went black and turned off. The pixels did, however, came back completely once the heat was removed.

Subjecting the phone to a bend test, the narrator says that despite the phone’s more affordable price, it doesn’t “skimp on structural integrity,” neither bending from the front or the back.

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