Jon Prosser Reveals Exclusive Info About Apple’s Upcoming AR Glasses, ‘Apple Glass’

Leaker Jon Prosser has taken to YouTube to reveal several exclusive details about Apple’s new AR Glasses in his latest video.

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Apple’s AR glasses have been rumoured for a number of years, but despite all the whispers, there were no solid leaks or rumours to go on — until now, that is. Jon Prosser, who has rocketed to internet fame in recent months after correctly predicting the release of the iPhone SE and MacBook Pro, has set his sights on Apple’s AR glasses following a massive iPhone 12 leak in early May.

In a video report posted to his YouTube channel, Prosser provides key details about what he claims will be called Apple Glass, including main features, design elements, pricing and release information. It’s a treasure trove of information for Apple fans, and we break down the key details right here.

Maybe the most pertinent information on Apple Glass is the price. Prosser says Apple is targeting at $499 USD launch price, which would be very affordable compared to the $2,300 Magic Leap charges for its Leap 1 AR headset or the $3,500 for Microsoft’s HoloLens 2. It’d also be a third of the cost of Google Glass when launched for $1,500 USD in 2013.

According to Prosser, Apple Glass will connect directly to an iPhone and rely on it for processing power. He claims the prototype frames are made of plastic, but it could be replaced by metal.

Prosser says Apple Glass won’t have a built-in camera, but will have a LiDAR scanner. Without a camera, how would the AR glasses “see” the real world? While a regular camera is able to see in more detail, a LiDAR scanner — if powerful enough — can more accurately recognize objects and environments and analyze depth.

Apple Glass will supposedly run a UI called Starboard, which relies on gestures either on the glasses or in front of them. Apple has long been working on air-based gestures as seen in the company’s numerous patents over the years.

Prosser has said that it’ll feature a built-in battery (charged via a wireless charger, not when folded but extended and placed upside down) but when it comes to powering the Glass’s Starboard UI, it’ll all be done via your iPhone.

Jon says that Apple planned to announce Apple Glass as a “One More Thing” announcement in either Q4 2020 or Q1 of 2021. The catch is that COVID-19 has suspended all such Apple keynotes, and it would of course like the media to be present. Apple was reportedly planning to try this at the iPhone 12 event, but all of this is dependent on the COVID-19 pandemic, and Prosser says there’s a chance Apple might not be able to have the media presence it wants that early, so he offers March 2021 as an alternative window.

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Regardless of when it’s revealed, Prosser is certain that it won’t be made available at the same time. Like when the Apple Watch was first revealed, there will be a period of about 6-9 months before general release.

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