Heart Analyzer App Adds Dark Mode, a New Dashboard, and More via Update

A new update to the Heart Analyzer app has added a number of new refinements for iOS users. Heart Analyzer now supports dark mode, received a new interface, and can now provide more data.

Following the substantial update on Apple Watch in November of last year, the development team behind the heart rate monitoring app has put its focus on the iPhone. According to 9to5Mac, the latest software update has revamped the dashboard of the app. Now, users are able to see more stats, trends of the week, the user’s average heart rate, and more conveniently on one screen. Dark mode, which is always a widely requested addition, has also been implemented into the app.

The new interface was built by utilizing many of the capabilities Apple’s SwiftUI provides to give users a clear summary of their actions and trends.

On the Apple Watch side, the Heart Analyzer app now provides more throughout heart rate charts on complications. This includes workout reads, LiveHR, and metrics of the week.

This major overhaul should better ensure the information that matters the most to users is easily accessible through iOS and watchOS. Heart Analyzer is a free app, available on the App Store.