Freedom Mobile Gives COVID-19 Relief Discounts to Select Customers

For customers of Shaw’s Freedom Mobile, some were able to get bill credits ranging from $5 to $20, just by asking for COVID-19 relief, according to users on RFD.

On Wednesday, one user wrote how they were able to get $20 off three lines for six months, related to COVID-19 relief from Freedom Mobile.

As expected, the wireless carrier was inundated with users asking for COVID-19 relief credits on live chat and over the phone. Numerous people were able to get $5 off per month for numerous months, while others were not so lucky.

As of late Thursday, some were still able to get $5 bill credits by asking, but it appeared Freedom Mobile had caught onto the thread and started reducing the number of credits doled out by its customer service agents. That being said, it still might be worth hitting up Freedom Mobile on live chat and ask for credits if you’re desperate for savings.

Earlier this month, Statistics Canada noted Canada’s unemployment rate had hit 13%, as close to two million jobs were lost in April, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s no coincidence people are seeking ways to save money any way they can. Earlier this week, Rogers CEO Joe Natale told a virtual conference smartphone sales were down and customers were seeking ways to spend less on wireless bills, due to COVID-19.