Apple Hires Amazon Executive to Lead Sports Division for Apple TV+

Apple has reportedly hired Amazon Video sports content executive James DeLorenzo to lead a similar division for Apple TV+.

According to a tweet sent out by Recode Media’s Peter Kafka in a “Tweetscoop”, Kafka claims that Apple has hired DeLorenzo to “head up sports for its Apple TV unit”.

As Kafka pointed out, DeLorenzo has not updated his LinkedIn account to reflect his recent move. His current title still remains to show his position as SVP at Audible and Head of Sports at Amazon Video. DeLorenzo has been Head of Sports since 2016. Before that time, DeLorenzo helped launch Time’s 120 Sports video initiative.

Apple appears to be pretty serious in developing a broader stream of content for its Apple TV+ platform. Sports is one area Apple can utilize to bolster its offering that many other video streaming services aren’t able to at this current time.

Late last year, Apple spoke to Pac 12 about gaining an exclusivity deal focused on streaming the college sports games.