WWDC 2020 Day 1 Recap: Apple Confirms Big Sur is macOS 11 and More [VIDEO]

MacOS 11

Apple has shared a nearly two-minute video providing an overview of what you need to know about day one from WWDC 2020:

It’s been a jam-packed first day at WWDC 2020, full of exciting news from the keynote and the Platforms State of the Union. We’ll zoom through the highlights — and give you a sneak peek of what’s coming tomorrow.

YouTube video

The video also reaffirms macOS Big Sur is indeed macOS 11, despite a beta available today showing version 10.16 (Apple later confirmed macOS Big Sur is indeed version 11 to developers online). This marks the end of nearly 20 years of Mac OS X and macOS, when macOS 11 launches this fall, paving the way for the first Mac with an Apple silicon chip instead of Intel.