Leaked Controller Images Seemingly Confirm Microsoft’s Xbox Series S Console

Microsoft is rumoured to reveal an entry-level console to coincide with the release of the Xbox Series X later this year. For months, it was tentatively referred to the Lockhart and now it appears as though the official name of the console is the Xbox Series S, according to leaked controller images.

Twitter user Zak S posted images he took himself of an Xbox controller he claimed was obtained through OfferUp. In the pictures the user posted, the official packaging of the controller can be seen. The Xbox Series X offers a black controller to coincide with the black console design. However, the Xbox Series S may be white as indicated by the ‘Robot White’ controller. Zak S also posted packaging notes which reference the controller’s compatibility with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

From a design perspective, the Xbox Series S controller only has a few notable differences when compared to the Xbox One controller. The new Xbox controller features textured triggers and a D-pad similar to the one seen on the Xbox Elite controller. Additionally, the new controller also has a share button, to quickly share screenshots and recorded videos.

Based on reports from Windows Central, the Xbox Series S is expected to be smaller than the Xbox Series X. Being positioned as a cheaper, entry-level next-gen console, the Xbox Series S may feature 4TF and NVME SSD. It is also said the console will feature Xbox Velocity Architecture and support a CPU more powerful than the Xbox One X.

Microsoft has not officially announced the Xbox Series S nor a white controller for its new consoles. However, it is believed that the company is planning to hold a digital event in August where it will detail more information on the Xbox Series X and perhaps officially announce the Xbox Series S.