News Publishers Ask Apple’s Tim Cook for Same Deal as Amazon Prime Video

It seems the next group to put pressure on Apple to lessen its revenue share model are a group of news publishers, according to Bloomberg.

Back in July, an email released by the U.S. House Antitrust Subcommittee revealed Apple had offered Amazon a 15% fee on Prime Video subscriptions in the App Store, less than half the normal rate of 30%.

But now, Digital Content Next, which represents various news publishers including The New York Times, News Corp. (owners of The Wall Street Journal), The Washington Post, and Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg, has sent a letter to Tim Cook asking for the same deal as Amazon Prime Video.

“We would like to know what conditions our members — high quality digital content companies — would need to meet in order to qualify for the arrangement Amazon is receiving for its Amazon Prime Video app in the Apple App Store,” said Jason Kint, CEO of Digital Content Next.

These publications rely mostly on a subscription model for revenue, and a special deal like Prime Video, would allow them to earn more profit, reducing the fee paid to Apple.

Despite the special deal for Amazon’s Prime Video, Apple CEO Tim Cook testified at last month’s hearing, “We apply the rules to all developers evenly.”