Rogers to Launch Free Apple Music Offer with Select Infinite Plans

Rogers looks to have another perk for customers signing up for the company’s Infinite plans with 20GB of data or higher.

According to documentation seen by iPhone in Canada, an “exclusive” Apple Music offer is coming for Rogers customers, offering a 6-month free trial (individual plan), instead of the regular one month free from the iPhone maker.

Rogers says customers can also use their wireless billing to pay for their Apple Music subscription as well (although you’re better off using your Apple ID balance funded by discounted iTunes cards from Costco’s periodic sales).

Who is eligible for this 6 month trial of Apple Music? It’s valid for consumer plans including Rogers Preferred Pricing (RPP) customers using MyRogers, specifically those on a shared and non-shared in-market Infinite 20 or Infinite 50 plan.

New and existing Apple Music subscribers on an iPhone or Android smartphone are eligible for the offer.

How to get Apple Music from Rogers? Once customers switch or activate to an eligible Infinite plan, they’ll get an email plus a text message with a link to sign up for the free 6 months (valued at $60).

Customers just activate their subscription via self-serve using MyRogers and follow the steps to activate the subscription, which will ask to confirm or create an Apple ID.

Rogers says it may take up for four hours after switching to a plan to get their SMS notification, while email and SMS reminders will happen 10 days after if customers do not redeem right away.

It’s not uncommon for Apple to work with wireless carriers for free Apple Music offers. Back in January 2019, Apple teamed up with Verizon in the U.S. to offer the same six-month free trial offer here. But this marks the first time the Apple Music perk will make its way to a Canadian wireless carrier and appears to be exclusive to Rogers.

A 20GB Infinite plan has been on sale from Rogers (and Telus and Bell) for $75 per month lately, normally priced at $95. The 50GB Infinite plan costs $125 per month.

The Apple Music offer says it will debut in the “coming weeks”, with no specific date mentioned. The promo could be targeting back to school shoppers towards higher-priced Infinite plans, which offer ‘unlimited’ data (throttled at 512 Kbps once your initial data is exhausted) and no overages.