Apple Event YouTube Page Mentions “Series 6” in Metadata, Hinting New Apple Watch Coming

Time flies youtube

Apple announced a special event will be taking place on Tuesday, September 15, with a tag line “time flies” as seen in media invitations, suggesting an update for Apple Watch.

All signs are pointing at an Apple Watch release next week, but no iPhones until October, due to COVID-19.

Now, we’re seeing more evidence Apple Watch Series 6 will debut next week, as per developer Guilherme Rambo, well-known for his code sleuthing when it comes to Apple’s events.

“Interesting metadata in that pre-event YouTube video page,” said Rambo, then sharing the following image:

Youtube event page series 6

“The screenshot shows a list of keywords in the event page, including “Apple Watch”, “Series 6”, “iPad Air”, “Fitness”, “Wellness”, and more,” explained Rambo.

There is mention of: Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, Series 5, Series 6, iPad, iPad Air, MacBook, iMac, MacBook Pro, Fitness, Wellness, Illustration, Apple TV, Digital Art, AirPods, Apple Event, Apple Keynote, WWDC, September, Apple Special Event and Apple again, seen in the screenshot above.

YouTube video for the past week has listed various Series 5 models as “unavailable”, which many are interpreting as a sign new Series 6 models are imminent.