Apple to Remove “Sign In with Apple” Support for Epic Games Accounts

Epic Games has today confirmed on its website that Apple is ending “Sign In with Apple” support for Epic Games accounts starting September 11, 2020. The company is asking its users to update their Epic Games account email address and password so they can continue to log in after the change.

Users simply need to login and go to their Epic Games General Settings page with their Apple ID to update their email address on file. Similarly, they can head over to the Change Your Password page with their Apple ID to enter a new password.

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Epic Games has also said that users who are unable to update their email address before “Sign In with Apple” support ends, the company will help them recover their accounts manually.

Please click “CONTACT US” below and provide us with the verification code that was in the email you received about this (the email subject line is: “IMPORTANT! Epic Games account update required for continued access”). The verification code you received should look like this: ABC-123-DEF

Last week, Epic Games filed a motion for a preliminary injunction, asking a judge to force Apple to bring Fornite back to the App Store.