Microsoft Committed to Bringing xCloud Game Streaming Service to iOS


In an interview with Bloomberg, Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer has revealed that the company is having “ongoing discussions” about how to overcome the restrictions put in place by Apple’s updated App Store rules and bring its new xCloud video-game streaming service to iPhone and iPad users.

“We’re committed to bringing xCloud to all mobile endpoints, including Apple’s big ecosystem,” he said. “For customers out there — and I see it on Twitter all the time, people asking — they can just know we will get there. We remain committed.”

Apple updated its App Store review guidelines ahead of iOS 14’s general release earlier this month, introducing rules that directly affect game streaming services like Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia.

The iPhone maker’s new guidelines require Microsoft to individually submit each game offered on its game streaming platform as a separate app in the App Store instead of an all-in-one app experience.

Last week, Microsoft slammed Apple’s new App Store rules saying this would be “a bad experience for customers,” while pointing out that Apple does not force Netflix, Disney Plus, or Spotify to submit each movie, TV show, or album into a separate app.