Otter Announces Collaboration and Strategic Investment in iPad Keyboard Maker Brydge

Otter has partnered with Brydge to combine their expertise of creating high quality Apple products in a new venture.

Otter Products, maker of OtterBox mobile accessories, has made a strategic investment in Brydge that will pave the way for future collaboration on new product development.

Otter Products, the company behind the popular OtterBox cases and other iPhone accessories, has announced that it’s making a strategic investment in Brydge, the company behind the popular iPad keyboards.

Otter Products CEO Jim Parke says that the investment will allow both companies to take advantage of each other’s strengths in creating mobile-first products.

“Our company has always been dedicated to innovating in ways that will enable our customers to get more from their mobile technology,” said Otter Products CEO Jim Parke. “Brydge has the same philosophy, and we recognize that we can tap into the strengths of each organization to be even more effective in achieving this goal, especially as all of our relationships between home, school and work are evolving.”

Brydge’s CEO notes his company’s admiration of Otter, and sees a big opportunity in the companies’ collaboration.

“Brydge has always admired OtterBox. From modest roots to what is now a global brand and leader, we have always felt there is a natural synergy with our values, vision and products,” said Nick Smith, Co-CEO & Founder of Brydge. “This partnership represents a huge opportunity for both brands to continue to drive growth and success in the market.”

OtterBox offers a variety of accessories for mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The company has its own lineup of cases, screen protectors, wireless chargers, and more.

Brydge also has its own lineup of more iPad- and Mac-focused accessories. More specifically, the company has one of the most popular third-party iPad keyboards.