Bell iPhone Visual Voicemail Costs $15, But $7 Promo Launches This Week

Bell visual voicemail iphone

iPhone Visual Voicemail allows owners of Apple’s smartphone to easily retrieve voicemails with just a couple of taps and does not require calling into a voicemail service. The feature launched back with the original iPhone in 2008.

Wireless carriers have been charging for iPhone Visual Voicemail, with prices varying Below are the prices as of October 21, 2020:

  • Rogers: $7/month
  • Telus: $5/month
  • Bell: $15/month

Rogers iphone visual voicemail

Telus visual voicemail

An iPhone in Canada reader on a grandfathered $5/month iPhone Visual Voicemail plan with Bell, recently noted their hardware upgrade required them to pay the new $15 per month price.

A Bell spokesman told iPhone in Canada the company had raised Visual Voicemail up $1 per month back in February from $14 to $15 per month. This current price for Bell iPhone Visual Voicemail is $8 more than what Rogers is charging and $10 more than what Telus is charging its customers.

After a Bell spokesperson clarified the pricing changes, we were also informed of a promotion coming for iPhone Visual Voicemail, reducing to $7/month. The promo starts Friday, October 23, the same day Apple’s new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro debuts.

If you’re on Bell’s existing $15 per month iPhone Visual Voicemail, it may be worth switching over to the discounted pricing this Friday.