Facebook Begins Publicly Testing Dark Mode on iOS

Facebook has begun a public testing phase for dark mode on iOS. Presumably, this signals that a wide rollout may not be too far away.

Back in April of this year, reports began to come in that Facebook had plans to release dark mode support on iOS. Now, it’s been confirmed that the social media platform is entering a public testing phase before opening access to all users. Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse app engineer, helped confirm this news via a collaborative video posted on Twitter.

In order to confirm whether dark mode has been enabled on any given account, the user must navigate their settings. If your account has been selected for the testing phase, a new dark mode option will be available. As with many other apps, once selected, the white menus and backdrop will then be much darker.

On top of being able to manually turn dark mode off and on, the Facebook setting will also include a ‘system’ setting. Selecting this option, Facebook will automatically adjust dark mode based on the settings made on the iPhone. It’s also important to ensure the Facebook app is running the latest software update.

There’s still no concrete word on when Facebook’s dark mode will be readily available for all users. However, given that it’s now in its public testing phase, a wide rollout does seem closer than ever before.