New Apple Maps Rolls Out in Canada Offering Richer Detail Than Before

Last month it was reported Apple was testing its new Apple Maps in Canada within iOS 14.1. Now it appears the new version of Apple Maps has finally rolled out for Canadians with iOS 14.2.

We’ve heard from numerous iPhone in Canada readers this week they’re now seeing new Apple Maps on their iPhone and iPads.

Apple maps vancouver

iPhone users are seeing improvements within Apple Maps during navigation, as traffic light and camera icons are now visible, along with stop signs.

New features in Apple Maps in iOS 14 include routes for cycling, electric vehicle charging stop planning along routes, guides, speed cameras, and a refine location feature when you’re in urban areas with low GPS signals.

As for the new Apple Maps we’re talking about now, Apple says it “offers richer detail for roads, buildings, parks, marinas, beaches, airports and more, giving you a more realistic view of the world.”

Last year, Apple announced Canadians would start seeing numerous Apple Maps cars driving across the country, which of course were spotted by everyone. Apple said at the time they would be using aerial mapping along with these cars on the ground, to rebuild Apple Maps with more details and points of interests.

Now, if only this much effort was applied to improving Siri to understand us better (oh yes I did).

Apple first announced Canada would be getting new and improved Apple Maps back at WWDC this summer.

Thanks everyone!