Apple Pulls iCloud 12 Update and Support for iCloud Password Chrome Extension

Apple has unexpectedly pulled version 12 of iCloud on Windows following its release on Monday. This version brought iCloud Password support to Google Chrome via an extension.

Currently, the version of iCloud available to download and install through the Windows App Store is This version, as spotted and reported by The 8-bit, is clearly a downgraded version of what was once available to the public a day prior. Apple has not formally stated why it decided to pull version 12. However, user-reported issues may be the leading cause.

iCloud Password support through the Chrome extension was designed to give users the benefits of syncing their iCloud Keychain and using it when prompted by the browser on both Windows and Mac. Any password generated and saved to iCloud Keychain on Safari could be used in Chrome. Generating and saving a password to the Chrome extension would then work the opposite way if a user decided to then go back to Safari afterwards.

However, following the release of iCloud version 12, users began reporting issues they have been experiencing. A common concern stemmed from the extension’s handling of 2FA. This would cause a problem when accessing a website, failing to work on a functioning level.

It’s quite likely that Apple has pulled this version of iCloud for Windows following the feedback in order to work on a fix. There’s no telling when version 12 will be available once again, however.