Amazon Prime Video Canada Announces Donation to BIPOC TV and Film Production Community

Amazon Canada has announced a donation to support the Canadian BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) TV and film production community.

According to a new press release, Amazon has announced a $1.25 million CAD donation to the Solidarity Fund and Indigenous Development Program, alongside a new pitch program which includes 10 grants of $10,000 CAD for a number of BIPOC creators in partnership with the Indigenous Screen Office (ISO).

Amazon notes that the donation and program were implemented in order to support the struggling BIPOC TV and film creative community during the ongoing COVID-19 hardships.

“As Prime Video continues its investment in Canada we’re committed to supporting the creative community and the industry. We are proud to work with the Indigenous Screen Office and support diverse and marginalized content creators in the TV and Film sector disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis,” said Magda Grace, Head of Prime Video Canada. “The pitch program will allow us to connect with content creators who are Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Colour early in the development process and be able to provide guidance along with the financial support to their projects during these initial stages.”

The donation will reportedly support these diverse creators with funding for both new projects and professional development for both BIPOC individuals as well as BIPOC-owned companies.

Additionally, Amazon is launching a pitch program that will award $10,000 CAD to 10 selected BIPOC creators who will have an opportunity to pitch their projects to Amazon’s studios.

“We received an incredible response from applicants to our development programs and Amazon’s contribution has allowed us to support a significantly higher number of projects than we had anticipated,” said Kerry Swanson, ISO Managing Director. “We are excited to create a new opportunity to connect BIPOC creators with Amazon Studio executives through the pitch program that will showcase some of the diverse and unique talent that exists in Canada.”